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Pool Pro CPP & CPPS Series

  • Heavy duty and reliable chlorinator, manufactured for Australian

  • Low Salt only 3000 - 3500ppm required.

  • Standard and Self Cleaning models available

  • Comes with a simple to operate quartz mechanical Timer which has a built in battery back up function.

  • 20 amp (55,000L), 30 amp (80,000L), 40 amp (100,000L) and 50 amp (140,000L). These pool litres are approximate and depend on location and climate


Pool Pro Neptune Digital Chlorinator

  • Low salt level operation (3000-3500ppm) (0.3% - 0.35%) with built in self regulator for high salt

  • Multi-function LCD screen with easy to use touch pad

  • Smart self-cleaning technology with a premium grade titanium cell uniquely designed to allow for horizontal or vertical installation

  • Built in salt test, water flow and temperature measurements

  • Compatible with mineral salts


Pool Controls Salt Water Chlorinator

  • The new SWC range builds on the Pool Controls SG range of salt water chlorinators with a new electrolytic cell design

  • Come in a range of variety of new output sizes to suit all applications – 15g/hr, 25g/hr, 35g/hr, 45g/hr and 60g/hr.

  • All sizes are available with pH Control 

  • Larger pools and those with warmer water and greater bather load are likely to have increased chlorine demand –  where a larger sized salt water chlorinator can help 


Pool Controls XLS 900

  • Enjoy a freshwater experience while safely sanitising your pool or spa with the Extra Low Salt Chlorinator

  • The latest innovative product from Pool Controls operates on extra-low salt concentrations (900 ppm). At this concentration, the salt is on the threshold of being perceptible by taste – so it’s like swimming in freshwater!

  • Comes in a wide range of output sizes – 12g/hr, 18g/hr, 23g/hr and 28g/hr.


Pool Controls Ozone XLM

  • The Ozone XLM introduces the power of Ozone to Pool Controls’ range of innovative mineral water chlorinators.

  • These systems are designed to be most effective at extra low concentrations of salt or mineral – reducing initial setup and ongoing maintenance costs.

  • Ozone XLM units also integrate pH control and come in a variety of output sizes to suit a wide range of pools – 12g/hr, 18g/hr, 23g/hr and 28g/hr.


Maytronics Ozone Swim Chlorinators

  • Designed for new pools or to replace existing chlorination systems.

  • Nature’s most powerful sanitiser, Ozone effectively neutralises any organic contaminant instantly and reverts back to oxygen.

  • Reduce chlorine by up to 80% as ozone does the majority of sanitation 

  • Gentle on eyes & sensitive skin

  • Provides the benefit of both mineral/salt chlorination and ozone purification, to produce soft, odour free, crystal clear water without the irritations from high amounts of chlorine.

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