Designed to suit any sized swimming pool and keep the water chlorinated in Brisbane's hot, temperate climate.



Combine the feel of natural, clean, sparking pool water with automated pool chlorination. With a big choice of models, the Davey Chloromatic Salt Water Chlorinator is ideal for all residential pools. Plus you get Davey’s easy-to-use  controls, easy-to-clean reverse polarity cell and the option of automatic pH control. 

Davey Chloromatic chlorinator
Pool Pro CPP Salt Water Chlorinator

• Australian Made                                           • Reliable Wiring


• Low Salt Usage                                             • Winter Time Function

• Quality Titanium Cells                               • Easy DIY installation guide


• Reliable Timers                                            • 24 month Warranty on the Power Pack


• Heavy Duty Aluminium Casing                • 60 Month pro-rata warranty on the cell