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Which Dolphin is best suited for my pool?

There are several things to consider when choosing the right robot for your pool:

Pool Length:

  • Pool length is the #1 thing you should consider when choosing a Dolphin. Measure the longest length of your pool and make sure the robot you choose has appropriate cable length to cover your entire pool.

Feature Set:

  • Weekly Timer: This allows you to set your robot to work on preferred days at a specific time.

  • Cycle Selector: This allows you to select a certain cleaning style; such as floor only, floor/walls or floor/walls/waterline. (Cleaning times vary for each cleaning style)

  • Delay Mode: This allows you to place the robot in the pool and program the robot to start after a certain time period. This feature isdesigned to allow you to program the robot to start only after debris has fallen to the pool floor.

  • App Control: This allows you to access all your robots features using the MyDolphin Plus app available on Apple and Android devices. This means you can control your robot from anywhere since it is Always Connected.

Brush Type:

CB = Combined Brush - Ideal for rough coarse pool surfaces like pebble, concrete, rough render or marbelite.

WB = Wonder Brush - Ideal for smooth pool surfaces like tiled, fibreglass, smooth render or vinyl lined pools.

All terrain PVC Brush - For cleaners using PowerStream mobility or floor only cleaners.

Please visit: to find the best model for your swimming pool.

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